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News Updates

Inforcom to develop Blood Sampling and Separation Control application. Bar codes will be integrated for sequence management and accuracy. The application will be CFR-11 compliant. The same will be validated.

Pune CRO to shift to Volunteer Database application – VPMS. Inforcom to migrate the entire volunteer demographics to VPMS. The Same shall be validated. Inforcom develops plan to validate the migrated data. The Validation Plan will also be put to Audit.

Vadodara CRO installs Inforcom's Volunteer Database application VPMS. The same is Validated The CRO Successfully faces the USFDA Audit for USA sponsor project for Clinical Research. VPSM to be used as the Volunteers database.

Two new CROs in Mumbai area join the Pan India Volunteers Cross Participation Tracking service. This brings the total count of CRO locations to 37 , India. A CFR-11 complaint application.

Volunteer Database Application for Healthy Volunteers is Validated successfully for Ahmedabad based CRO. A CFR-11 complaint application.

Patient based Volunteer Database Application of Inforcom Technologies is Validated successfully for Bio Clamp unit – Diabetes Research, India. A CFR-11 complaint application.

CRO Volunteer Database Appliation VPMS – to offer enhanced Finger Print matching results and Audit Trails.

VPMS – CRO Volunteers Database Management product expanded to new CRO in Ahmedabad and Vadodara. VPMS an Intranet based CFR-11 complaint application.

Inforcom Tech CRO database application VPMS clears Belgium audit at CRO in Ahmedabad.

Nationwide integration of Human Volunteers by biometrics for identity and eligibility requirements expands to South, West and North India.

Balancing the triple edged issue of "Shortage of Volunteers v/s Study Requirements v/s Eligibility Guidelines", Inforcom offers advanced & CRO friendly solution to CROs for volunteers tracking.

With Application Service at Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, Inforcom completes over 25 Validations as per 21CFR11 international standard.

Inforcom's CRO Integration Services completes 6 years. Service offered in 10 Cities in India at 35 CRO locations.

Client base expands for the Browser controlled, CFR11 Compliant – Healthy Volunteers Study Registration Database Application. The features expanded to cover the Trial Patients.

New version for Windows 7 launched for Law Office Management Product. Offers reports for Cell phones.

Inforcom Technologies invited to ACRO meetings at Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad to discuss and offer solution to the Regulatory requirement for CROs across India.

Inforcom re-launches the website development service with 'Responsive' site designing.

Inforcom launches action plan for Overseas expansion for IT Products and Services.

Inforcom to offer contact / contact less data storage system for varied industry segments.

Aviation is the new Industry segment – Inforcom to offer mobile applications.

Inforcom's Advocate Office Management Solution operational at Assistant Solicitor General of India. The same is operational at the office of The Advocate General, Gujarat State.

Solution For Business

Software Development
Inforcom Technologies is an IT Solution Provider, offering efficient technological creations ranging from time critical and decision making systems to basic desktop applications. Inforcom offers Client Specific Applications and Products development. Services of various architectures ranging from Web applications, Intranet applications, Client Server Applications to Standalone tools. Database integration, Website Designing and Development, Data Processing, Validations, etc. are our Domains.

Company Expertise

Traffic Management

Our various Traffic related solutions: Highway Tolling, Service Road Traffic Tracking, Revenue Leakage Solutions, Paid Parking Lot Management, Surveillance of Traffic , Traffic Statistics, Manual Ticketing etc. are in field doing an efficient job.

Life Science

Contract Research, Central Path Lab, Clinical Trials Solutions: Volunteers and Projects Records, Online Pathology Reporting, CRO Project Monitoring etc. Cross Participation Tracking is first of its kind in the industry, with validations.


Inforcom offers surveillance system for establishments: activity monitoring and recording. Same can be ported to Internet. We offer area study, hardware and software installations, supervision, maintenance for efficient operations.


Inforcom offers efficient and accurate identification & verification biometrics applications. Many life science setups use our applications with fingerprint Control in various projects. We design and develop such application on Internet also.

Special Features

Advocates Office Management Tool

Inforlaw is designed and developed at our development center with expert comments from imminent advocates and Bar Association Members. Inforlaw offers client details, Cause List, Correcpondense, Finance, Reminders, Meetings, etc.. with configurable reports as per the requirements.
Oil Field Services
Services Scheduling & Management Tool

These is an essential tool for oil field servicing firm to genrate daily plan for routing Maintenance and Breakdown support. As down time attracts large penaltes, it is critical to genrate precise schedules. This tool provides varios activity reports for management as well as field personnel.
Office Management
Destop Applications for Various Office

Tasks Routine office activities require semple and efficient software tools. we offer tools for Contact Management, Members Management, Infortel (interactive contact number storege), Activity Traking & Statistics, etc. Inforcom can also integrate Specific Reqirements ...
Application Developments
Inforcom has client across varied fields. Inforcom believe in products and services...
Application Protection
After successfully implementing the Hardware Lock for our flagship product - InforLaw...
Hardware Integration
Inforcom has client across varied fields. Inforcom believe in products and services...
At Inforcom Technologies, we have / access to skills from various technical and non-technical supporting fields.
Product Development
Inforcom has client across varied fields. Inforcom believe in products and services...
Data Processing
Inforcom Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers Digital Documentation service for data protection and archival.
Validation Documentation
Inforcom has client across varied fields. Inforcom believe in products and services...
Corporate Profile Development
Inforcom Technologies offer services in the field of Corporate Identity development.

Web Designing