European Audit Agency at Chennai CRO with VPMS from Inforcom Tech.

October 20th 2016

VPMS is the Volunteers Database Management and Project Management system for CROs designed and developed by Inforcom Tech. The same was audited by European Audit agency at Par Biosciences, Chennai, a multi national CRO and a leading CRO of South India. VPMS is compliant with CFR 11/2 standard. The CTMS system of Inforcom Tech is an optimum Product in terms of features with for the audit requirements, CRO requirements for registration, screening, clinic, QA etc. VPMS is a validated application with standard Plan, IQ, OQ and PQ scripts. Each installation is validated at the client site. VPMS offers modules for Volunteers Registration, Screening, Results, Batch building, Dosing Process, Outcome etc. Each task is captured by its Audit Trail.