New site for the Leading Spice Company of India - Ramdev Masala

June 29th 2016

Ramdev Food Products Pvt. Ltd. Is a leading spices maker and exporter of India. Established 50 years ago, Ramdev has a name in spices market across the country as well as the world. With a vision of ‘To be unequivocally known as the Monarch of Spices in the Land of Spices, India.’, Ramdev spices constantly upgrades itself with technology and infrastructure for quality products. Inforcom Technologies launched the new website for Ramdev. The site is available on url www.ramdev.co.in . The site is a CMS (Content Management System) based approach. This site is made responsive for its easy viewing on mobile phones and tablets. Inforcom has designed and developed the site with user friendly navigation and layouts. The images are processed for best viewing experience. Inforcom Tech designs and develops website, web applications, E-com sites for any industry segment. Client specific application and products are our domain of work.