Advocates Dream come true - Get Personal Board for Multiple courts on mobile - in a click

May 20th 2016

Various Forums have their web sites on net. Each of these sites put their proceedings for the next day on net. Advocates need to visit these sites to collect the matters in which they are supposed to attend. Advocate firms practicing in multiple forums need to open various sites, check for their matter, collect them, sort them and finally create a consolidated board for the day. Inforcom, eliminating all these steps, offer Consolidated Board generation tool. An advocate or a Firm practicing in single or multiple courts. Configure the Filing names or Sanad no., or Case no., and by touch of a button, the application will crawl on various forum sites. A consolidated board of all forums, for all the configured matters, for a day, is displayed. This is a quick preview of the tasks of the next day. An essential tool for Advocates. The Senior Advocates too can avail their board and not to wait for the Reference Advocate to inform them. Further the clients too can view the same on their mobile. www.inforLaw.com