Inforcom launches action plan for Overseas expansion for IT Products and Services.

November 05th 2013

Inforcom Technologies is a Product based company. We like to design and develop products in the niche areas. Product and the accessories make a profitable suit. The AMC of these installations also add to the profits of the company. Copyright selling is a common end to the product development company. Marketing tie ups help in reaching this goal faster. Inforcom also wishes to launch their services overseas. Our products are geo-neutral, thus can be applier to any region. Inforcom plans to launch the CRO products in Thailand and Malaysia. East European countries are also on our radar. The Aviation related products are applicable worldwide as it is applicable to Pilots irrespective of the country of service. App is whats Inforcom is also aiming at. Apps provide a large base of users. The subject of the App decided the age of the user. Inforcom wishes to design Apps as an add-on user tool for its products. This expands the user base as well as the ease of data input.