#Inforcom Welcomes #Jubilant Generics on OVIS platform

March 29th 2018

#Inforcom Technologies offer countrywide #Human #Volunteers tracking service - #OVIS, for #HealthyVolunteers studies at various CROs. The service #OVIS is a #validated and #compliant #SaaS for attending the issue of Volunteers Cross Participation. This #USFDA standard #CFR11-2 compliant application is active in 13 cities with 55 CRO facilities.


#Jubilant Generics Limited is a reputed #Clinical Research company in NCR, India. #Jubilant has compliance standards of international level. We welcome Jubilant as a member on OVIS. #Jubilant shall be checking volunteers on OVIS before dosing them. This will ensure the eligibility of the volunteer, not risking the health of the volunteers. 

  • OVIS ensures eligible volunteer with the required drug wash out time and sufficient Blood Regeneration time, this avoids drug overdose on human volunteers and their safety.
  • OVIS offers safety to the CROs as they end up selecting only the eligible volunteers. The risk factor is significantly reduced for the CROs.
  • OVIS offers correct reports to the sponsors as the volunteers do not have presence of mixed drug in the body, as the eligibility is checked before the study.

A #win-win-win situation for the CROs - the Volunteers - the Sponsors.