Inex-smo.com - the Event site offers `Next 5 Days` feature

June 15th 2019

The events information site Inex-smo.com launches a new and friendly feature to look for events in various cities in India - Next 5 Days.

Inex-som events information servive is co-offered by Inforcom Tech P Ltd., Ahmedabad, India.

This is a user friendly and practical feature. Knowing about an event which is 2 weeks away is no use - too far. Knowing about events of today is too late ! The Next 5 Days - option offers the events to happen in the upcoming days. This gives an opportunity to plan about the same and attend.

Inex-smo.com offer very practical and useful groups to search for an event. These groups are -

- Education Kids Parenting
- Tourism Sports Health Healing
- Food Fashion Sale & Exhibitions
- Ent Music Drama Stage Perform
- Soft Skills & Personality Development
- Career Knowledge Business
- Arts & Hobbies
- Social Awareness & Religious

These groups offer a full range of event happening around and the best way to search

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